Chronological Trip Through The Gospels

The goal is to review Jesus' journey chronologically, keeping in mind the background of his heritage (both human & divine) as well as the unique witness and viewpoint of the authors describing the scene. Then to share what we've learned/discovered. To do this, I have included below a map of the general area where his... Continue Reading →

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Chronological Trip Through The Gospels – 36

Much like we teach basic values to toddlers by reading them easy but poignant bedtime stories, he introduces concepts like emotional and spiritual maturity relating to subjects everyone there could relate to.

A brief run-down of the parable of the four soils and Jesus' explanation for it.

Chronological Trip Through The Gospels – 35

It's scary to think that you spent your entire life thinking you know the way, only to discover you made a wrong turn somewhere and need to change course. For a priest this would have meant significant lifestyle changes. I wonder how many of Jesus' critics were in fact peer-pressured.

Chronological Trip Through The Gospels – 34

If Jesus got his power from him, he wouldn't be able to tell him to shut up and get lost. It would require someone stronger to overpower Satan and invade his territory. 

Chronological Trip Through The Gospels – 33

She sits there, her head bent with her precious perfume in her hands. Her tears are falling silently but relentlessly as she struggles to control the suffocating pressure in her throat, wiping them off his feet as quickly as they fall. What will he think of her, sitting here silently crying on him?

Chronological Trip Through The Gospels – 32

Have you ever tried doing dead-lifts, exhausted yourself, then slung the bar across your shoulders and discovered that you could easily keep going now?

Chronological Trip Through The Gospels – 31

JB (John the Baptist) had a lot of time to think during his prison time and he, understandably, starts questioning his life choices.

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Chronological Trip Through The Gospels – 30

The widow's son did not earn his second chance and neither can we. It was Jesus' love and compassion for her that caused his divine heart to be moved into action. 

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